Jersey Golf Cart Works

Our Services

Jersey Golf Cart Works stand out from the rest. Our product boasts a premium look and feel, featuring standard items that are not commonly found in other carts. Additionally, the Jersey Golf Cart Works cart can be personalized with various upgrades to cater to your individual requirements. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

We install rims and tires that are eligible for additional color customization, enabling you to personalize them to complement your cart’s overall aesthetic.

Tire Wheel Packages

We can install and implement any custom feature you wish, choose from our wide range of kits, lights, storage and options available to make your ride truly custom.

Custom Installed

We can lift and increase the height of your ride with aftermarket kits for a whole new riding experience.

Lift Kits

We specialize in custom paint jobs, vinyl wraps, and other techniques to provide you with a unique and personalized appearance that matches your fleet.

Custom Paint

Having issues with your electrical system? Our knowledgeable technicians can solve any problem occurring.

Electric Golf Cart Repairs

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